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Virtual laboratories

Laboratory works have to be performed on the modern equipment and to study the essentially new devices. The high price of the measuring equipment limits its application in the educational process. The advanced scientific developments has no educational analogs.

Only virtual laboratory workshops modeling the measuring equipment with the "photographic" computer interface can solve tis problem.

Proposed solution:

  • The software models the functionality of modern measuring equipment and allows creating computer laboratory to study various microwave devices.
  • The virtual measuring equipment has the computer interface similar to that of real devices.
  • The created laboratory works have no restrictions on the number of workplaces.
  • Their cost is much lower than the real measuring equipment.
  • The offered laboratory workshop allows students to gain experience in operation of widely used expensive equipment and to study physical properties of the various microwave devices.

Structure of virtual workshop

The modelled laboratory has modular structure. Any device is represented as an independent module and could be easily added to the laboratory. Front panels of computer models of measuring equipment have a "photographic" equivalence to real analogs. The remote (local network and Internet) access to the laboratory is in progress...
Video "The Microwave Virtual Laboratory for RF Engineers Education"

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